Astrology Importance of Home Temple

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There are two types of energy in the home. One is auspicious and other is inauspicious. It is necessary to have temple to get auspicious energy. It creates positive vibration. Problems will solve automatically if you keep fix place for temple in your home. Especially health and mental disorders cure easily.

Astrology Importance of Home Temple

Home Temple
It strengthens financial conditions in your home. The rapport with family members will be good. You get maximum benefit from temple or worship place when you follow or maintain its establishment rules.

Normally, the temple or worship place should be northeast side. You can also keep it on east side. If you’re leaving in the flat then you should check the sunlight. The place of worship must be at one place. Do not change the place repeatedly. Keep light yellow or white color at worship place. Do not use dark color. You can keep small temple instead of triangle or dome type temple.

You must have to keep worship place rather than temple image. Do not keep too many images of god-goddess. You must have to keep your dainty image in temple. Keep this image in the middle of temple. If you’re keeping idol then its height should be 12 fingers. However, there is no limit of image. You must have to keep shell, Gomati chakra and water in one bowl at worship place.

You must have to maintain worship time in morning-evening. You must have to light a lamp in the evening. Keep this lamp in the middle of the temple. You can chant mantra before worshiping your dainty. It removes negativity from your home. Always keep your temple clean. Keep water in the urn. If you cannot chant Guru Mantra then you can chant Gayatri mantra. You can drink water from the urn once you finish the worship.

Remedy: Do not keep too much glass stuff in your home. It makes your relations sensitive.

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