Astrology connection of Taste

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Check Person's future prediction and hobby's of person by the taste he/she likes to eat.Check out Astrology connection of Taste.

Astrology connection of Taste

Astrology connection of Taste
Sweet: Sweet taste is considered for Jupiter. However, there is little sweetness also come from Sun. The sweetness of Sun is little hot. It is not necessary to be hot sweetness of Jupiter. People whose Sun or Jupiter is strong they like to eat sweet. People who are facing problem due to Jupiter or Sun they should avoid eating sweet.

Sour: Sour taste is considered for Venus. A person would like to eat sour food if there is an impact of Venus on horoscope. They get too much glamour in the life. They live prosperous life. But if you do fast on Friday then you must have to avoid eating sour food. Also, you must have to avoid eating sour food if you face problem in marital life.

Salty: Salty taste is considered for Moon. A person would like to eat salty food it his Moon is strong. They are childish. They are attractive and beautiful. If you’re taking mental stress then you must have to avoid salty food.

Bitter: Bitter taste represents Sun. A person would like to eat bitter food if his Sun is strong. They face problems in eyes and marital life. Also, their speech would be harsh. In this case, you must have to offer water to the Sun.

Spicy: Spicy taste represents Mars. A person would like to eat spicy food if his Mars is strong. They are courageous and do not care about others. You must have to take care while driving and also avoid conflicts.

Peppery: Peppery taste represents Mercury. A person would like to eat peppery food when his Mercury is strong. They are talkative, beautiful and clever. You must have to be careful in giving and receiving money others.

Remedy: You must have to use every taste. Do not stick to only one taste. It gives power to the planets.

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