Astrology Connection Between Red Color and Mars

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There are two types of energy in the world. One is color and another is wave. Everyone has color. Emotions and speech also has color. Planets, constellation and astrology works on color. Every planet is affected by its color. Mars has its special color which increase or decrease its power. Red is the main color of Mars. 

Astrology Connection Between Red Color and Mars

Red Color and Mars

Red is the strongest color out of the seven colors. It affects the person quickly. Its nature is hot and princely. It has too much energy and power. It gives courage, confidence and strengths. Due to its color and nature it joins with Mars.

You’ll get power if you get benefit from Red color. It decreases laziness and increases confidence. Mars become strong. However, if red color doesn’t suit you then you might meet with an accident. Person’s digestion system may disturb. His courage and confidence decreases.

People who are angry or have acidity or stomach problem they should avoid using red color. A person whose mind is not stable or a person having Rahu-Mars or Mars-Saturn conjunction in his horoscope they should avoid red color.

If Mars is in fifth, seventh or eighth place in your horoscope then you should avoid using red color. Red color is the negative for Gemini and Virgo lagan.

People who are lazy or have pain in their body they should use red color. A person who is in army, courage or surgery field they can use red color. A person having weak Mars can also use red color. You can also use red color if you want to take more benefits from Mars. Red color is best suitable for Cancer and Leo lagan.

You can wear red color clothes. You can keep curtains or bed sheet of red color. However, avoid using red color on wall. You can use red color only one part of wall or you can keep red color tap on it.

Remedy: If you get pain or wound on the body then you can tie green color tap on it. It easily cures the wound and you won’t have too much pain.

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