5 Things to Donate in Pitru Paksh

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Right now, Pitru Paksh is on going, check out which are 5 things we need to donate to get better results in pitru paksh.

5 Things to Donate in Pitru Paksh

Pitru Paksh
Water: Water is very important in our life. We can’t imagine life without water. We can’t perform any rituals. It is very beneficial to offer water to pitra in palm. You can pour water to the peeple tree before sunrise. It gives peace to pitra. But do not waste water during Pitrapaksha.

Fire: Fire is very holy element on the earth. It can be used to improve any work or to take oath. It is believed that if you holocaust in fire then it directly reach to the god. The first holocaust should be given in fire at the time of shradh. Forefather and we can get peace by offering five holocaust fragrances in fire.

Black Urad: It relates with Saturn and Rahu. It is very important in pitra. Urad stuff can be offered to Bhairav dev when someone dies untimely. If you feel due to pitra or death then keep whole black urad under the peeple tree on Saturday. Put cur and Sindoor on it. You can get rid from threat.

Black Sesame: It is the sign of wealth and peace. You can donate black sesame. You can get rid from unknown problem. Keep black sesame in water and offer it to lord Sun. It gives peace to pitra. Negativity can be removes by offering black sesame in fire. It also fulfills the desire of dissatisfied souls.

Kush: It is believed that it is made from lord Vishnu’s part. It is also believe that it contains nectar element. You can put Kush in water and pour it on Shivaling. It removes problem and pitra gets absolution. You should keep Kush in hand and offer water to pitra. You can keep it in water and take bath. It removes mental disorder. You can get power and energy from Kush juice.

Remedy: You must have to chant Bhagwadgita in the evening during Pitrapaksha. Your forefather gets absolution.

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