3 Maha Yoga Which Can Transform Your Luck and Life

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Do you have mahayoga in your horoscope? there are 3 big yoga, if, are available in your horoscope, than you can transform your entire life. These 3 yoga can help you to achieve success in your life.

3 Maha Yoga Which Can Transform Your Luck and Life

Maha Yoga Which Can Transform Your Luck
Gajakeshari Yoga: It is the biggest and very auspicious yoga in astrology. A person would be special when this yoga occurs. It happens when Jupiter is in center with Moon or Moon is in Taurus sign. One can get benefit when Moon or Jupiter is not set or weak. It is very effective in Aries, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces signs. You must have to give respect to your elders and parents. You have to take care of your food habits and conduct. Avoid eating non-veg and drinking alcohol. Worship the god on both times.

Budhaaditya Yoga: It is widely found in horoscope. It is very effective yoga. It happens due to conjunction of Sun and Mercury. A person gets too much respect. He is very courageous. It gives good result when it is in center or in triangle and Mercury is not set. In this case, you have to wake up before sunrise. Try to avoid affairs and live clean life. Do not awake till late night. You can offer water to the Sun.

Panchmahapurush Yoga: It happens with the five special planets. If it happens with Mars then it is known as Ruchak. It makes person courageous and confident. He is in the army field. If it happens with Mercury then it is known as Bhadra. It gives too much intelligence. A person gets success in business. If it happens with Jupiter then it is known as Hansha. 

It makes person spiritual, intelligent and respected. If it happens with Venus then it is known as Malavya. It gives wealth and prosperity to the person. If it happens with Saturn then it is known as Sash. It takes you to the peak in the life and career. This yoga gives you success, money and fame-respect. It gives good result when it is in center or triangle. The planets do not set and have impact of bad planets. A person should avoid arrogance and over confidence.

Remedy: Students should keep white cedar plant leaves along with them. It increases concentration level and intelligence.

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