Which Planets are responsible for Mood - Astro Upay

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Moon is the owner of mind. Mercury is the owner of intelligence. Venus is the owner of emotions. Your mood is depends on these planets. Water and air element of horoscope directly relates with mood.

Which Planets are responsible for Mood - Astro Upay

Planets mood
Aries: Arians mood is flickering. Mostly they remain happy.

Taurus: Taurians are too much moody. They take matters in negative manner easily.

Gemini: They are mood in such matters. However they know how to balance the situation.

Cancer: Cancerians mood changes very quickly. Their mind and thoughts change every time.

Leo: They are not moody. However they are stubborn. They maintain balance in every situation.

Virgo: They are balanced people. But sometimes due to loneliness they become moody.

Libra: They are very moody. But they become happy quickly.

Scorpio: Scorpions are very moody people. It is very difficult to know when they become moody.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians are not moody people. They know how to control over the mood and mind.

Capricorn: Capricorns mood remains normal. But in such conditions they become moody. When they face problem in marital life they become moody.

Aquarius: Aquarians are very moody people. They always remain lost and dull.

Pisces: They are very moody. Their mood changes very quickly.

You should wear pearl and silver after taking advice. Mix rose water in bathing water. You must have to include yogurt and rice in your afternoon meal. Chant “Namah Shivay” for 108 times in morning-evening.

Remedy: Whenever you go for sleep at night you must have to memorize your dainty or chant mantra or do meditation.

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