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In astrology, happiness relates with Moon. Many times big troubles do not affect you while small problems create tension for you. In addition, Venus is also responsible for happiness. Every planet and every gesture denotes happiness. In palmistry, happiness can be seen by palm’s color. Also, forehead denotes happiness.

What Is Happiness as per Astrology - Astro Upay

Health: Moon and the owner of lagan is responsible for healthy life style. A person remains healthy if his Moon is good. However, if Moon is weak but Jupiter is strong then also person remains healthy. If Rahu is exalted then you have to face many problems relating to health. If he has good health then he becomes victim of doubt. You won’t remain fit for long time due to weak Saturn. In these cases, you should do fast on Monday. You can worship lord Shiva. Donate food on Saturday. You can wear gemstone of the owner of your horoscope. Keep Kush in water and put it near your bed. You must have to bow in front of your parents and an idol.

Job/Business: You will get happiness in job/business from Saturn or Jupiter. You won’t get difficult if any on these two planets are strong. However, if they are weak then you have to face many problems. You won’t get job if Saturn is exalted and you don’t get stability in life. A person affects on your own due to exalted Jupiter. In these cases, you should chant “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah” every evening. You can do white sandal tilak on your forehead. You can wear iron ring in left hand’s middle finger. Keep cleanliness in kitchen. You must have to eat black gram on Saturday.

Marriage: Jupiter is responsible for happiness in marriage for women. While, Moon and Venus is responsible for happiness in marriage for men. Overall, Venus gives happiness in marriage life. You’ll face problem due to exalted Venus and Mars. However, if Jupiter is very weak then you won’t get marry. In this case, you should offer turmeric mix water to Sun. Chant Vishnusahastra on Thursday morning. Tie up root of banana in yellow thread and wear it in throat on Thursday. Prepare Swastik from turmeric on the entrance of the gate. You can also prepare kheer from rice on Friday.

Money: Happiness of wealth can be achieved from Jupiter and Saturn. However, the glamour can be achieved from Venus. Mars and Venus are responsible for property. Sometimes only one planet gives you lot of money and property. Rahu and Sun creates hurdles to achieve happiness in wealth. In this case, you should keep silver Swastik at your worship place. Chant Sunderkand on every Saturday. You can keep few places as raw or you can keep mud in pot. Keep silver coin in rice at kitchen. Do not keep too many images of lord Ganesha in your home.

Remedy: Diamond should wear when Venus is good and auspicious in horoscope. If it is weak then do not wear it.

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