Saturn Direct In Scorpio - Horoscope wise Prediction

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Saturn will move direct in Scorpio sign on 02nd August 2015. Impact of this planetary movement will give you positive or negative effect. But it is also depend on Saturn dasha or Maha dasha or Pratyantar dasha of Saturn.

Saturn Direct In Scorpio - Horoscope wise Prediction

Saturn Direct In Scorpio
Aries: You have to find hidden sources of opportunities. In this situation, you have to face some troubles.

Taurus: You might get married during Saturn’s constellation. A lot many good things are possible.

Gemini: You may face some troubles due to others. It also affects your father.

Cancer: You have to please lord Shani otherwise the problems will reach to the extreme level.

Leo: “All well that ends well”. This phrase will come true for you.

Virgo: This is the best time for your life. Everything will happen slowly and steadily.

Libra: Everything is not easy. You may have to face some problems.

Scorpio: Saturn’s transit will give you good benefits except few things.

Sagittarius: Self-esteem is everything. Make sure it does not get damaged.

Capricorn: The time is excellent for you. You should keep patience and you will get good benefit.

Aquarius: Your every desire will come true and new opportunities will come on your way.

Pisces: You have to please lord Shani. Otherwise, the chances are very less to get positive results.

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