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Salt is special chemical which has many types. Rock salt and sea salt is the main types of salt. Rock salt is mainly use during fasting. In astrology, both salts are used in different ways. Salt is directly relates with Venus and Moon. You should take care while using salt.

Salt and Astrology - Astro Upay

Salt and Astrology
You should keep salt in glass. Do not dropped salt on floor. Do not waste salt. Do not give salt directly to anyone. You should take salt or salty food from those people whose rituals are good. Do not eat salt when you’re helplessly or in pressure.

Do not use sea salt if Moon is weak in your horoscope. You must have to use rock salt. If Mars is weak in your horoscope then you must have to use sea salt.

When you fill the glass bottle with salt then keep clove in it. It maintains wealth and prosperity in the family. You can also do mop of salt water on your floor.

When you mind doesn’t get peace or you have mental disorder then you should mix salt in your bathing water. Keep piece of rock salt in corner at your home. It removes negative energy from the home.

If you get devil eye then you can peel off salt from head and flow it in running water. If a person is ill for a long time then keep salt in glass bottle near his head. Chang it after one week. You should donate salt on Friday if you’re facing problem due to weak Venus.

Remedy: Do not check the taste of food while preparing it. It decreases purity of food and increases poverty.

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