Mars Going in Cancer - Effects on Horoscope for next 45 Days

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Mars is going to change the sign. It is in Gemini sign and will going into Cancer sign. Sun and Mercury are already in Cancer sign. In this case, there would be conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Mars. This conjunction last for 45 days. Mars remain in Cancer sign till 15th September 2015 where it becomes weaken. There may be ups-downs in everyone’s life.

Mars Going in Cancer - Effects on Horoscope for next 45 Days

All as per Moon Sign. 

Aries: The position will improve in career. You will get sudden benefit. You may suffer from bone diseases. Avoid anger, red and black color clothes. Chant Saturn Mantra regularly.

Taurus: You will get benefits in property. You may buy vehicle, land or house. However, there may be misconception in marital life. You must have to control on your speech and anger. Chant Hanuman Chalisa in morning-evening.

Gemini: Do not afraid from hard work and struggle. Pregnant women should take extra care. You have to remain careful from accident. Avoid wearing red color clothe. Donate red fruit on Tuesday.

Cancer: You should drive carefully. Also, try to maintain happiness in your marital life as well as in family. However, you will get benefit in career and financial position. You can offer water to the Sun every morning. Chant Mangal mantra 108 times in every morning.

Leo: You may change your job. There may be conflict regarding property. Take care of stomach and bone diseases. You must have to worship lord Hanuman on Tuesday. Chant “Om Sham Shaneswaraye Namah” 108 times in every evening.

Virgo: Do not quarrel with your superiors. You may face difficulty in your important work. You must have to take care of your child’s health. Avoid wearing red color cloth. Chant Bajrang Bann every morning.

Libra: You may face problem relating to your children. You may become ill. You will get success in love and love marriage. But you should take decision carefully. You have to chant “Om Sham Shaneswaraye Namah” every morning and evening.

Scorpio: You may get new responsibility. There may be change. Do not involve yourself in unnecessary discussion. You should take care in marital life. Do not go on long journey. You can worship lord Hanuman every morning.

Sagittarius: You have to do hard work. Your health may disturb due to work load. You should drive carefully. Offer water to the Sun every morning. Donate food on every Saturday.

Capricorn: There may be problem in family. You have to take care of your eyes and blood pressure. You may get sudden money and vehicle benefit. Chant Sundarkand on Tuesday. Avoid wearing red color clothes.

Aquarius: Your financial position will increase. Avoid unnecessary doubt and tension. Worship lord Shiva every morning-evening. Donate sweets to poor on Tuesday.

Pisces: Take care of your digestion system. You may go on journey. Marriage plan may delay. You should keep patience. Avoid over confidence. You must have to follow elder’s advice. Offer basil leaf to lord Hanuman on Tuesday.

Remedy: Women stick their bindi on mirror. You should avoid this as it decreases your beauty and personality. 

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