Impress God Shiva in Holy Month of Shravan - Astro upay

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Shravan means hearing. It is saying that you should do Satsang during this month. Shravan month is for lord Shiva. You can worship lord Shiva and get mercy from him. According to mythology, lord Vishnu goes for sleep for 4 months on the Ekadashi of Aashad month. During these months lord Shiva takes responsibility to handle the society.

Impress God Shiva in Holy Month of Shravan - Astro upay

lord shiva
Lord Shiva takes soft nature form and gives mercy to his devotee. You can get benefit whole year by worshiping lord Shiva. During samundra manthan lord Shiva intake poison. It is the month of Shravan.

The heat and power increases in his body after drinking that poison. To get peace and calmness he kept moon on his head. Lord Indra created rainfall to give peace to him. After that, Shravan month is known to worship lord Shiva and especially on Monday people pour water to lord Shiva.

It is believed that if you take Gangajal from Haridwar and pour water to lord Shiva then he will get fulfill all your desires.

Goddess Parvati has decided to become wife of lord Shiva when she was leaving her home. Devi sati has taken reincarnation at Himalaya and Maina’s home. Devi Parvati has done fast in Shravan month without having anything. Lord Shiva became happy with it and they get married.

You have to keep your face on north or east side while worshiping. Chant “Om Namah Shivay” during worship. First, pour water to lord Shiva. You can use water, milk, curd, ghee, sugar, honey, Gangajal and sugar cane juice.

You can offer, Belpatra, Shamipatra, Durva, Kusha, lotus, neelkamal or madar. You can also offer Dhatura and bhang to lord Shiva. Do not offer white color food or sweet to lord Shiva. After that you can do Aarti with incense stick, ghee, 5 lamps and camphor. It is very beneficial to offer white raw rice and sesame.

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