How Speech Can change your Future - Astro Upay

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Speech impacts on voice, throat and other glands. You may have other diseases. Speech also affects on your life style. You might not speak or speak more than it is require or bad speech or unnecessary talk. It relates with bad luck, distant with relatives and disrespect. You might face instability about future.

How Speech Can change your Future - Astro Upay

Speech Can change
People who does not have good speech they cannot get happiness in their marital life. You won’t get happiness from children. Your future would be unstable regarding money. They cannot maintain relations with their relatives.

If you speak do not properly then your Mercury, Sun and Jupiter becomes weak. However, the Rahu and Ketu become strong which creates hurdles in your life. It increases struggle in your life as well.

If you do not do such remedy then small markesh gives you more impact. Weak speech is the result of bad work of prenatal. It sticks in your horoscope as curse. It increases the bad effects of such planets. It is not easy to happiness in the life.

You can chant Rudra Shukt. You can intake mulhati, Amla and mishri regularly. Do not criticize others. You can wear hard silver ball in your throat. You should serve temple, idol and cow.

You can chant Shiva Prasang every day. It is very useful to get rid from bad speech. You have to chant it with dedication.

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