Connection Between Dreams and Astrology

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Drams are one situation of the mind. It denotes reality of life. Dreams doesn’t come when you wake up or sleeping. It comes in the middle situation which is called as imaginal. Food habits and diseases are responsible behind the dreams. 

Connection Between Dreams and Astrology 

Dreams and Astrology

Planets and zodiac signs are also responsible for it. Zodiac sign which elements are fire and water they get more dreams. There is no meaning of every dream. Maximum dreams are limerick.

Most of the dreams come due to thoughts and diseases. It doesn’t affect on your present or future. Some dreams warn you or some dreams are like notice and these dreams are important. Dreams which are seen early in the morning they become true.

If you see dreams related to sky or air then it denotes that you might have gout problem. You might have stomach disorder. If you’re seeing dreams relating to water then your cough is disturb. If you see fire, sun or volcano’s dream then it denotes your bile system is weak.

It is very auspicious to see lotus, elephant, monkey, swan and cow in dreams. It denotes you might get property or children. If you see lotus or flower or fruit in your dream then you’ll get divine child.

If you see snake in your dream then it denotes you may get in trouble due to carelessness. Do not avoid your responsibilities. You must have to complete your pending work.

If you see death of anyone in your dream then they might get in trouble. If you see dead person in your dream then it means that desires are unfulfilled or it denotes such activities.

If you see accident with someone then you should take care. You might face with an accident. If you see festival or party in your dreams then you might face some disease. If you see yourself doing some spiritual activities then you will get good benefit.

If you’re seeing dreams relating to money, jewelry then you might get ill or lose your job. If you see temple or god in your dreams then it denotes your rituals. If you see food stuff in your dreams then you might change the place. If you see white color in your dream then you might get big change in your life. You can overcome from any solution.

Remedy: Whenever you keep knife and fork in your kitchen keep it’s kneel below side. Otherwise, it increases conflicts in your home.

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