Check you Forehead for Future Prediction

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Check out how you can predict future by forehead, how lines forehead decide your money, health and luck. check out as per astrology how forehead is important.

Check you Forehead for Future Prediction

Forehead for Future Prediction
Money: You can find money line between two eyebrows. If it is clear and good then you’ll get good financial benefits. However, if it is small and broken then you’ll face ups-downs in your financial position.

Health: Line near the eyebrows known as health line. If it is dark and clear then person would be healthy but if it is thin and light then person might face health issues. If it is broken then you might face such diseases which last for long time.

Luck: It is the third from the last line. It is rarely find in people. Person would be luckier if it is small. Person would be luckier if there are three lines together.

Ups-downs: It is very rarely find on one’s forehead. If it is on forehead then person has do struggle in his life. They do struggle and face ups-downs between 28 and 40 age. But after that they make very good progress. They get good amount of money and they might have more than one property.

Fifth line on forehead denotes that you’ve many lines. It keeps person in tension and stressful. Person gets tension in small matters. Sometimes they leave the society and move towards spirituality.

The sixth line known as divine line. It starts from the nose and goes towards forehead. It denotes that person has good ritual form his prenatal and he has impact of divine. People having this line make progress in their life suddenly.

You must have to take bath in the morning. After that draw three lines with sandal or you can use rice, red sandal to do tilak. Do not keep long hair which covers your forehead. Do not make tattoo or image on your forehead.

Remedy: You must have to worship lord Shiva in those temples where you can find Nandi. Otherwise, you won’t get desire results.

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