Astrology Connection of Neptune Planet - Astro Upay

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Venus is the main planet for imagination and beauty. All the emotions and glamour of Venus are found in Neptune. It is the big planet for imagination, emotion and beauty.

Astrology Connection of Neptune Planet - Astro Upay

Astrology Connection of Neptune
Neptune is also called as Varun which is very strong in second place. Pisces is the sign of Neptune. It stays in one zodiac sign for 14 years. It controls the water element. People also called him Varun deva. In astrology, its number is 7.

A person would be sensitive and full of emotions if his Neptune is good. It creates imagination and secrecy. A person becomes spiritual. He gets success in art, music and film. A person gets prestige, fame and respect if his Neptune is auspicious.

Anxiety/depression increases if Neptune is weak. You might have mental and imagination disorder. It takes you towards alcohol, fascination and secrecy. Your character also gets affected. You won’t get proper sleep.

Do not waste water. You can wear opal gemstone in silver ring on Friday evening. You must have to wear it in right light hand’s little finger. Chant “Om Vam Varunaye Namah” for 108 times in the morning. You can use light blue color in your clothes.

Remedy: Heart and lung become strong if you blow shell every day. You can also get rid from bad/unclear speech.

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