Astro Remedies to Get your Own Home

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It is necessary to have strong Mars and Moon to build house. You also need Saturn’s help. According to horoscope, the fourth house is for home. You get more home if you get more support from other planets.

Astro Remedies to Get your Own Home

If Mars is weak or it is affected by Rahu then you won’t get your favorite home. Weak or impure Moon decreases the purity of home. You won’t get home at your favorite place. It weakens the base of the home. You won’t get happiness in that home.

If Rahu is weak then you’ll not be able to live in that home. You can build home when Saturn, Mars and Moon are strong and you get mercy from Rahu. The home should increase our luck.

If you have a curve line near your life line in hand, then you’ll definitely buy the home. It also gives you happiness. If it has cuts on that then you might face some difficulties. In this case, you should chant “Om Angarkay Namah” regularly. Keep rock salt in corners of your home.

If your luck line is going upward and it has spread in two parts, as shown on above figure, then you’ll buy home but you won’t get happiness in that. It will not fulfill your desire.

You should go on religious place or tirthyatra. You can take your mother, aunt or maternal uncle along with your while going on religious place. You can take part in religious work. Keep rice and mishri in white cloth and flow it in water.

Offer sacrament of sugar or mishri on Tuesday. Prepare ring mix with gold, silver and copper. Wear it on right hand’s ring finger on Tuesday morning. You can donate red stone in temple or school. You should feed your siblings on Tuesday. You should feed them lentil or corn sweets.

You should flow coin in running water on Saturday until you get the home. You should serve the dogs.

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