Things to Consider Before Lending Money - Astrology

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When money place, Saturn, Rahu or Moon are weak then you won’t get your money. Your own relatives cheat you if your Rahu is weak. There may be your siblings or parents.

Things to Consider Before Lending Money - Astrology

If there is such line, as shown on the above figure, then you won’t get money return.

If your luck line and life line is broken, as shown on the above figure, then your money will stuck with someone. If there is cross under the thumb then you will lose your money in investment. If there is such line under the ring finger and it has cross at the end then someone will cheat you. You invest your money where you do not get return. If you get spot on middle finger then you will face financial loss.

If you have such line under the first finger, as show on the above figure, then you will take debt from someone. In this case, you have to remind that person you will return his money.

You can wear Saturn yantra. People whose money stuck in the land or property they can wear mangal yantra on Tuesday. If your money is stuck due to your relatives then you can chant “Aem Hrim Klim Chamundaye Viche Va Durge Durge Rakshini Swaha”. You can light a monolithic lamp from mustard or jasmine oil on Tuesday.

Never give or receive money in your relatives. You should take care of it. If your money stuck then you should chant Gajendra Moksha. You must have to donate some money for religious work. Chant “Om Shrim Namah” and prepare a Supari. Keep this in worship place. People who cheat you write his name on paper and keep stone on it and hide it.

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