Solve Family Problems via Palmistry

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There are lots of problem in family. Nowadays, time is not good. There may be conflict in family, accident and so on. One should do remedy to overcome the problem. There are such signals which you should know.

Solve Family Problems via Palmistry

The broken walls in home denote there may be financial problem. If the peeple tree plant in home then you may face financial as well as health problem. Moistness in the home denotes indiscipline, financial and physical problem. If the kitchen walls break then it indicates you may face problem in your work. It also denotes stomach problem and conflict in the home.

Broken floors denote partition in the home or weak health of old people. Voice in the doors denotes mental disorder or stomach problem. If the trees are going to dry then it indicates that you may face accident or disease.

You should do such remedy for Pitrudosh. You can chant “Om Gram Grim Grom Saha Guruwe Namah”. Do not keep salvage in your home. You must have to use white, light yellow or light green color. You must have to chant Gayatri mantra in the morning. You can donate such stuff. You should take some part for cow. Do not do too much worship or tantric activities.

If your mouth becomes dry then it indicates your Sun is weak and you may face physical problem. In this case, you must have to eat light food. You can worship Lord Sun. Drink plenty of water. You can reduce use of lentils. If you get too much saliva in your mouth then it denotes your prestige might decrease or your father’s happiness may decrease. In this case, you can do Gayatri Yagna and see sunrise.

Many times your skin becomes dry. It indicates that you may face loss due to your speech or your conduct would not be good. If your hair becomes dry then you will face problem in your marital life.

Hair fall and change in skin color indicates that you may face financial or marital problem. If yellowness in skin increase then you will face financial and accident. In this case, you should take care of your heart. You can chant “Om Hom Jum Saha, Saha Jum Hom Om”. Do not eat oily or fried food for 40 days. Avoid eating non-veg food. Drink plenty of water. Take bark of Arjun tree and tie up in white thread. Wear in throat on Sunday.

If there is spot on Venus Mountain then you will face problem in your marital life or your life partner have to face some problem. In this case, you should strengthen your Moon. Drink water in silver glass. You can seat in the moonlight. You should keep peace in the home. Try to stop moistness in the home. Light a lamp in the south side in the home. Keep camphor along with you. You can donate oil on Saturday. Donate coconuts for 5 Fridays. You can change your routine. You should chant Mahamrutanajay mantra.

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