Predict Partner's Behavior by Leg’s fingers

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There are lots of problems in marital life. Today, marriage is done by person’s social status. Ego and greediness are important reasons for conflict in marriage. There is no love and respect in their marital life. They lie to each other.

Predict Partner's Behavior by Leg’s fingers

Behavior by Leg’s fingers
You can change your partner’s psychology by his leg’s finger. A person whose leg is soft and have redness they get Rajyoga. Male whose leg veins are not seen they are very lucky.

Male whose legs are upward like tortoise back they are intelligent and have good future. Male whose legs are flat, not too long and broad they get good success and prestige even though they belong middle/poor family.

People whose legs fingers are smaller than thumb they spend discipline life. However, they do not care about their life partners thoughts. They face conflict in their home.

If fingers are together then also a person become rich and get splendor even though he belongs to poor family. A person whose thumb and 2 fingers are equal and other 2 fingers are small then a person is very hard working.

If nails of leg’s finger are small and round then a person definitely gets success. If leg’s color is black then person would be selfish, indiscipline routine and alcoholic.

If nails are broken then it is indication of unfortunate. Getting sweat in legs is not good. Flat leg from front and open fingers is not good sign. A person has to do hard work.

If your legs color is black then it increase unhappiness in your family. In this case, you can donate water. You can offer oil to Sun. Feed sweet rotti to birds for 1 year.

It is very important to have trust on each other. Husband-wife should respect each other. You have to understand each other’s emotions and dreams.

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