What is Karm Hani Yog and How it Effects you

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Karma Hani Yoga: In this yoga, you cannot do work for your own or you won’t get result of your hard work. If Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu becomes weak then you cannot get desire result even though you do hard work. You cannot get result of your hard work due to Mars. You start any work and it won’t complete then it happens due to Rahu. People whom you help they face loss. You cannot maintain relation. You cannot get fame if Mars and Jupiter are weak. 

What is Karm Hani Yog and How it Effects you

Karm Hani Yog

If you do marriage of your children then you face loss. It happens due to Rahu. If you start any work for your own then you face loss. It happens due to Saturn and Rahu. Many people don’t want to work for own. This happens due to weak Jupiter and Rahu. When you start your work you get other work and you won’t complete your work. This happens due to Mars and Rahu.

If your life line is like as shown on the above figure then you cannot get good relations. You cannot maintain your relations even though you are good person.

Never help anyone on Chaturthi, Navmi and new moon day. Also, do not give money to anyone. Do not start any special work on these days. Do not do any good work for your child on these days. You can start any new work on Thursday evening. You must have to take advice of your idol.

You should worship Lord Sun. Prepare pitra from flour on new moon day and immerse in water life time. You must have to do this once in three month. You have to atonement for your sin. Never eat non-veg food. Never harass any animal or bird but you have to serve them.

You must have to do Pind dan once in a year. You have to control over your emotions. Avoid anger. Do not help others until it is necessary. Do not take big decision for your children and elders. Never criticize others. You have to listen your partner’s advice.

When you do hard work and you don’t get desire result then you can chant Argala Strot’s first slok. It is called as Markandey. The mantra is “Om Jayanti Mangala Kali Bhadrakali Kapalini Durga Kshama Shiva Dhatri Swaha Swadha Namostute”.

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