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Food not only affects our health but also it affects our planets. People whose Sun is weak they eat more food. They sleep immediately after having their meal. In this way, they become ill. People whose Saturn is weak they are addicted of tea, coffee, cigarette, alcohol. People whose Venus is weak they like to eat sweets too much.

Improve your Luck by Food - Astro Upay

Improve your Luck by Food
When Mars become weak then person eat more non-veg food. Even people who eat veg food they start to eat non-veg food. If you eat food which is not suitable for your main planet’s nature then you will become ill. You will face health problems. People whose Mars and Saturn are weak they face too much problem.

Food is not only for taste, tongue but also you become healthy from it. Food habit or chewing food is also important. But nowadays, the way of having food disturbs the health. If you eat food in a right way then it strengthens your mind, heart and body.

Many people eat too much food. Their will power and desire reduces. Many people eat food in different ways. They cannot maintain their relations. Their Moon and Mercury gives adverse affects them.

Many people eat food too fast. They might get anxiety and depression. Their mind and stomach always remain disturb. Many people make noise while eating food. It shows bad luck and weakens personality.

You must have to take food in plate which you can eat. Do not leave food in your plates. It is the sign of bad luck. You have to eat ¾ amount of food your appetite. You have to drink ¼ amount of water. You have to drink this water after half an hour of your meal. You can drink plenty of water before and after one hour of meal. You should include fiber food. You can intake vegetables and fruits.

Do not intake fruits as salad as you cannot get nutrition from it. You can add sprout in your diet. It strengthens your body. Do not use too much spices, oil and sugar in your diet. It makes your body strong. It is necessary to have vitamin, protein and fiber. Keep your mind happy while having your meal.

You have to eat food which fulfills your daily requirements. You can intake food three times in a day. Eat fruits after half an hour of your meal. Do not eat too much junk food. You should intake food sitting on kitchen floor on Saturday and Tuesday. It removes bad effects of Rahu.

If you eat food in pottery on Tuesday then it removes problems relating to marriage, promotion and blood.

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