Improve Mercury and Get Rid of All Problems

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Everyone afraid from Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. But Mercury also affects the people. It affects your speech. You may have skin disease, stomach problem, stress on job and you cannot save the money due to weak Mercury.

Improve Mercury and Get Rid of All Problems

Improve Mercury

Weak Mercury does not establish business. They change business many times and their money trapped. They always have debt. They get the money but they do not spend in smart way.
 You can wear brass or iron ring in little finger on Wednesday. You can flow mud urn in running water for 11 Wednesday. You can gift silver to your wife, aunt or daughter. You can worship goddess Durga. You can wear yellow thread on Wednesday.

Weak Mercury’s person children have weak teeth. He cannot justify good and bad smell. In this case, you should clean your teeth with alum. You should feed aunts and fishes. Keep strong iron ball with you. Avoid intake of alcohol, meat and whole green pepper.

Weak Mercury affects your speech. You have sores on your tongue or throat. They have whiteness on their tongue. They cannot sing song. You may have cough and thyroid problem. You voice is not clear. You cannot speak your words properly.
On the above cases, you should serve unmarried girls. You should donate oil. Flow copper coin in running water on every Wednesday. You can intake Brahmi. You can intake curd.

Weak Mercury creates loneliness. Nobody wants to stay with them. A person creates conflict. He has ego and always try to criticize others. In this case, you should chant Ram Rahvey Namah. You can feed aunts, cats and fishes. You should take walk near water shore. You should do some spiritual activity. You can feed goat on Wednesday. Keep control over your mind. Do not let speak your life partner in your family matters.

You can serve black cow. Give respect to elder age women. Keep rain water on your terrace. You can keep changing your place. Due to weak Mercury you have gas problem in stomach. You may have muscles pain. You have red spots on your skin. You have toothache as well as chest pain. In this case, you can feel sugar in mud urn and hide it at wild place. You can hide red lentil in smashan for 11 Tuesday.

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