Identify Future Disease from Palmistry

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The negative work of prenatal birth is responsible for the disease. You cannot get rid from these diseases. In addition, if your main planet is weak then your immunity power will reduce. You face disease due to weak Saturn, Rahu, Moon and Venus. A person invites disease on his own.

Identify Future Disease from Palmistry

If there are such spots or lines come on life line or life line become thin and light, as shown on the above figure, then person may face diseases. It happens due to low level of immunity. It indicates that you eat such food which not suits to your body.

If you have such lines as shown on the above figure, then you’ll have disease such as itching, sores, headache or neck pain which last forever. In this case, you must have to do remedy for Sun.

If you have too many lines, on life line then you should maintain relations with your family members. In this case, you face diseases in older age. If you have spots or it has stars or box on it then the situation becomes worse.

You must have to chant Gayatri Mantra while seeing Sun. After that, chant Adityahriday Strot for 3 times. You can do Nadi Sodhan.

You must have to eat food according to nature of your body. Gout, cough and bile are three natures of the body. Do not keep water storage in the middle of the home. You may have nerves and stomach problem. Keep your stove in southeast side. You must have to avoid conflict and stress in your home.

When you cannot get rid from diseases then every family member can chant Mahamrutanajay Mantra, Sundarkand or Durga Saptshati for 21000 times.

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