How Bad Habits Harm Your Future? - Astrology and Bad Habits

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Do you have bad habits like Leg shaking and drinking Alcohol? then check how it impacts on your future. An Astrology View on Bad Habits.

How Bad Habits Harm Your Future? - Astrology and Bad Habits 

Bad Habits Harm Your Future
Leg Shaking: Many people have habit of leg shaking. It is very bad habit. People whose Rahu is weak they shake their legs too much. Otherwise, this Rahu will affect you more between 34-36. The situation becomes worse after the age of 48. It is also indicates that your Mercury and Venus is weak. Shaking legs denotes distraction of mind. You think on wrong way. It disturbs your eroticism. Women have less tendency of shaking their legs. Shaking legs indicates impatience. Their memory power become weakens. Their concentration also decreases. A person stomach remains unhealthy. He has anger and anxiety. It is very dangerous if you habit of shaking legs and drinking alcohol.

Alcohol: Habit of drinking alcohol kills the will power. Weak Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and weak Moon create habit of drinking alcohol. If your Moon is weak and you intake alcohol then your hand-legs and tong vibrate. If Jupiter is weak and you intake alcohol then you face liver problem. Their appetite will decrease and they harass their family members. They do not use their earning and loss their saving. If there is Sade Sati then person loses his business as well.

You should live under good accompaniment. You have to change your habits. You can intake Nidrakar. You can also intake drakshasav and piplashav. You can intake lemon and ginger juice mix in water 5 times in a day. You should drink ginger and lemon juice when you have desire of drinking alcohol.

You can alum as toothpaste. You should intake green elaichi. Keep knot of turmeric in your mouth. People who want to quit smoking they should intake Harade 3 times in a day. Drink plenty of water. Keep cigarette in your mouth but do not light it. You can do massage of your thumb.

If you cannot get success to quit habit of smoking then see your face in oil on Saturday for 5 minutes and after that donate it. You can do meditation to get rid from any bad habits.

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