Importance Health Benefits of Using of Bale

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Bale is very beneficial plant. It increases your prestige and fame. It is also useful if you do not find good job. You can use it many ways. Bale leaf is very beneficial if your offer it to lord Shiva. Its botanical name is Aegle Marmelos. It is found everywhere. It is very fruitful in stomach disease.

Importance Health Benefits of Using of Bale

It controls our bile and gout. Take 100 ml bail leaf juice and intake it with honey. You can get rid from diabetes. However, you must do this remedy under medical advice. Take 10 gram bale leaf juice and 1-1 black pepper and rock salt. Drink this mixture. It is very beneficial to increase your appetite.

You can put bail powder on burning part. You can use bale pulp on any sores, itches and burning part.

Bale pulp is called as bilkpesika or bilkartari. While dry bale pulp is called as belgiri or balesaunth. Bale pulp has belvin and margesolin element. Bale contains protein, phosphorus, carbohydrate, iron, calcium, fat, fiber, vitamin C and B.

In ayurveda, it is advice that you must have to drink bale juice with empty stomach. Do not drink bale juice during whole day.

Take middle part of the bale fruit, sesame mixing with cream. It is very beneficial for liver problem. Take 50 gram bale juice and 1 gram black pepper. You can use this mixture in jaundice. If you have inflammation on stomach then you can massage with bale leaf juice on your stomach.

Take bale leaf juice, deep strip of cloth in it and put in on your forehead. It is very beneficial in headache. If you have old disease or headache then drink 11 bale leaf juice. It heals migraine also. You can cook bale leaf in jaggery and put it on any wound. It easily cures.

Many people have blood shortage in their body. In this case, take dry bale leaf powder and drink it with lukewarm milk and mishri.

Many times we have cough in chest. In this case, take 100 gram bale pulp and 500 ml water. Cook it in normal light. Filter it when it remains 300 ml. Take 1 kg mishri and make it chasni. Add it saffron. Jawitri powder and drink it lukewarm. It is very useful in cough.

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