Astrology - Solve your Problem with Jewelry

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Jewelry makes your mind sharpen. If you wear earrings then you memory power becomes sharp. If you wear earring in the middle of the ear then your menstrual period remains healthy. If male faces problem due to children then they should wear copper earring. 

Astrology - Solve your Problem with Jewelry


If male faces problem losing their prestige then they can wear copper earring in their ear. Also, donate silver earring to woman. If you do not get happiness from parents and you’re doing struggle then you can wear copper ring.

Sun, Mercury and Moon related problem can be cured by wearing nath. It cures nose bleeding as well as breathing disorder. People who are coward they should wear nath. It gives strength to you. Your reproduction capacity increases. If you want baby girl then you should donate nath. You will get more benefit if you wear pure gold nath.

If you wear armlets then it controls liver and appetite. It strengthens your heart. Veins won’t dry as blood circulates properly in it. Your restraint and power increases. You can wear silver armlet as your mind will not wavering. You’ll get more benefit if you wear Rudraksh as armlet.

Uterus and menstrual problem can be cure by wearing girdle. You won’t get backache. If you do not get child then you can wear girdle. It keeps you healthy.

If you have above line, as shown in figure, then you may face stomach problem. It increases acidity and hyper acidity. If first finger become thin and it gets spots then you will face stomach problem and your appetite decreases.

Keep Triphla in copper glass in the evening. Drink this water before the bed time. It makes your stomach healthy and increases appetite.

Children should take care while wearing jewelry. It increases disease. You should take care of color while buying jewelry.

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