Astrology Remedy for Stone and Headache Problem

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Bad Mars and Sun creates migraine problem. People whose zodiac sign are Aries, Taurus and Cancer get migraine due to Mars and Sun. You can come to know about headache from top of the thumb.

Astrology Remedy for Stone and Headache Problem

Stone and Headache Problem
If Mountain of Jupiter is upward then you will have headache. Headache occurs due to impaired gout-bile. Migraine also occurs due to stress and insecurity.

Emotional weakness is also responsible for migraine. Sleep disorder and constipation are also responsible for headache or migraine.

Stone occurs in gallbladder and kidney. If Sun, Moon, Mars and Rahu are in fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth place then person has gallbladder or kidney stone. Moon or Mars’s relation with Rahu creates kidney problem.

If there is spot on Rahu’s hole then a person may have stone problem due to excessive acidity. If Mountain of Sun is too much upward then it creates acidity and headache.

Stone: Avoid wearing yellow sapphire and ruby when you have stone problem. You have to drink plenty of water. You should eat light food. You must have to eat custard apple juice mixed with rock salt for 3 days in a month. Grind the root of papaya tree and drink it with water.

Headache: You should wear copper. You can do Anuloam-Vilom. You must have to do Tratak at the time of sunrise. Avoid or reduce use of mobile and computer. You should laugh. Take astrological advice and wear triangle coral. Mix sandal with mud and do tilak on your forehead. You can do massage with Shadbindu oil. You can use godanti bhasam. 

Donate mishri on Tuesday. Do not let constipation. You can do massage on your thumb as well as the middle of the eye. You can put few drops of cow’s ghee in your nose. You can eat Jalebi and drink lukewarm milk in the morning.

You should take proper sleep. Incomplete sleep weakens the brain power. You should go to bed and wake from the bed at proper time. Do mediation for 2 minutes before going for bed. Wash your legs before bedtime.

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