12 mantras of Lord Shiva and Ganesha Bring Success

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There are twelve mantras of Sun. One can do this mantra whose Sun is weak. It gives you power, strength and energy. You can chant above mantra whenever you face problem for prestige, education.

12 mantras of lord Shiva and Ganesha Bring Success

You can also chant this mantra when your self confidence decreases. You get depression. You do not get success. You face problem in government work.

Om Mitraye NamahOm Ravaye Namah
Om Suryaye NamahOm Bhanave Namah
Om Khagaye NamahOm Pushne Namah
Om Hiranyagarbhaya NamahaOm Marichaye Namah
Om Adityaya NamahOm Savitre Namah
Om Akarye NamahOm Bhaskaraya Namah

You can chant following 12 mantras of lord Shiva. It not only cures your disease but also gives you peace and success.

Om Mahakaleshwaraye NamahOm Omkareshwaraye Namah
Om Nageshwaraye NamahOm Dhushweshraye Namah
Om Trimbakeshwaraye NamahOm Rameshwaraye Namah
Om Bhaidnathaye NamahOm Vishwanathaye Namah
Om Somnathaye NamahOm Kedarnathaye Namah
Om Bhimshankarye NamahOm Mallikarjunaye Namah

You can chant below 12 mantras of Ganesha.

SumukhEkdanta (with one Tooth)

There are twelve names of goddess Saraswat. It defeated the enemies. You can also get rid from money problem. You can find good friends. Your speech becomes clear and attractive. It increases your personality. You get good success in education by chanting these mantras. You should chant these mantras with Kamalgata rosary.

Sarada deviHansa Vahini
Budhi DhatriVaradayini

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