Tips to Avoid Summer Diseases

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There are many diseases which occur in summer. These diseases relates with food and drink habit. It is mainly relates with water. In summer, food easily becomes bad. In this situation you must have to eat fresh food. You should have to eat light food before going anywhere.

Tips to Avoid Summer Diseases

Tips to Avoid Summer Diseases
Due to shortage of water in the body one gets hot wind, heat stroke and stomach problem. In this case, you have to drink plenty of water. In summer, there are chances of mood swing. To avoid irritation you should do shitali activity.

One should avoid eating outside or stodgy food at home. You can get relief by eating watermelon, cucumber, sugar cane and mango. You can decrease consumption of wheat and increase fresh vegetables-fruits.

Due to shortage of water in the body one gets hot wind. You may get fever, headache and heaviness in the body due to hot wind. In this case, you have to cover your face and body before going outside. Keep water bottle with you. You can also drink raw mango juice.

The skin becomes dark due to heat stroke. The symptoms of heat stroke are dry skin, speedy breathing, strong headache, dizziness, vomiting, irritation, diarrhea, unusual talk and unconscious.

Due to shortage of water and increased sweat may create dehydration. You have to drink plenty of water. To avoid wrinkles in summer you have to drink more water. You can also intake low calorie nutrients food.

You can clean your face with cucumber. Barley is very beneficial in summer. You can add water and salt or sugar in barley and drink it. Take thyme powder and soak it overnight in sesame oil. You can intake this mixture in the morning. You won’t get sweat from hands-legs.

Take 100 gram rose feather, Multani Mitti, 25 gram turmeric and 50 gram sandal powder. Mix all these and make a paste from it. Apply this paste on your face for 15 minutes and wash it. You can also apply turmeric and gram flour paste on children’s face.

Do not drink ice water in summer. It contains bacteria which affects our health. There should be ventilator in home.

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