Sun-Mars Transit in Gemini on 15th June 2015 - Horoscope for Next One Month

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There would be combination of Sun-Mars on 15th June 2015. It impacts every sign. There would be adverse effect on such sign. Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces will face problems relating to health, love, marital life and professional life. People having these signs should think before investing their money. You have to do such remedy for building, vehicle and property.

Sun-Mars Transit in Gemini on 15th June 2015 - Horoscope for Next One Month.

Sun-Mars Transit in Gemini
Aries: You will get success after struggle. You have to take care of your stomach. You may face problem in maintaining relations. You may face some conflicts with your siblings. In this case, you can donate sweet-sour toffee. You have to do struggle in business and job.

Taurus: You have to take care of your larynx, teeth, hair and eyes. You have to take care of your mother. You will get success in business and job after struggle. You may start new work. But take someone’s advice before starting it. Keep water in copper vessel and drink it in the morning. Give silver to your mother.

Gemini: You have to take care of your meal. Avoid eating frozen or cold food. You can drink basil and black pepper juice. Your relative may splutter with you. The time is good for businessman. You may get promotion if you try.

Cancer: You have to take care from cold and heat. You can drink lukewarm water along with lemon. There might be conflicts between husband-wife. You may go on journeys.

Leo: You have to take care of eyes, blood, stomach and uterus till 10th September 2015. You must have to give time to your family. Take care of your life partner’s mood and health. Keep calm in your home and avoid anger. Avoid wearing dark red and yellow color.

Virgo: People having neck or eye problem they should do chanting and mediation. Maintain realtions with your father and elders. The time is good for business and job. Working people have to remain careful. In this case, flow jaggery and red flower in running water on Sunday.

Libra: You have to take care of your waist, heart, kidney or lungs. You will get good chances in business and job. Students have to do hard work. Businessman may get good benefit if they take decision well.

Scorpio: Your health, family, business and prestige will increase. Take care while taking decisions. Keep control when you speak. You must have to maintain realtions with your customers and colleagues. You have to worship your dainty as well as Lord Hanuman. Boil water and filter it before drinking.

Sagittarius: The time is good for health however you have to take care of your nose and teeth. Take care of your family. There may be controversy between your mother or life partner. Take care of your speech. Do not do partnership till 15th July 2015. The time is good for job. Do not invest too much money in share market. The time is good for respect and prestige.

Capricorn: Take care of headache and stomach. You may face loss due to anger. Do not put too much weight. You can do massage your waist and bottom of the legs with mustard oil. Keep patience and calmness at your in laws house. People working in partnership should take care.

Aquarius: Take care of your stomach and waist. Do not weaken your immune system. Drink basil, black pepper and ginger juice twice in a day. There may be unrest due to children, life partner or father in your family. Do not take big decision till the next 30 days. Working people should take care. The time is good for students.

Pisces: You will face problem due to shoulder, heart, blood pressure and kidney. You can take walk on grass. Donate kidney bean on Saturday. There might be tension due to your friends. Your enemies become weak. People who are connected with spirituality and dainty may get sudden financial benefit.

Gemini, Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio people must have to remain careful from accidents. In this case, you can wear the root of Anantmul in red thread on Tuesday. Donate gram flour sweets on every Tuesday till next 30 days. Chant “Om Rudaray Namah” for 40 days. Donate medicine only once during this month.

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