Stay Active All Day - Astrology Remedy to remove Laziness

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Do not intake sleeping pills if you’re unable to sleep properly due to anxiety and tension. In this case, rub the nutmeg in ghee and apply it on your eye lid. After that take a sleep for few minutes.

Stay Active All Day - Astrology Remedy to remove Laziness

Astrology Remedy to remove Laziness
If anxiety increases then take piplamool powder mixing with jaggery and intake it for 7-8 days. You should intake milk with green or black elaichi. Take light food.

If you get dream during whole night then you should intake light food. You must have to intake your dinner before 2 hours of bedtime. Do not sleep during the day. You can intake juicy fruits. You must have to include calcium in your diet.

If you have blood pressure problem then take 2 teaspoon ginger juice mixed with 1 glass of water. Drink this mixture with empty stomach in the morning. You have to take it once in a day for one month. After that take one teaspoon once in a day. You should drink normal water.

Miscarriage in women occurs due to Mars or Mars-Rahu combination. In this case, you should take medical advice. You can intake 10 grams Majuphal powder with cow’s milk. You have to intake from 4th day of menstrual day to 15 days.

If you have throat pain then you can intake honey mixing shitlopaladi. You can also use Khadiravati or Longadivati or Mirchadivati. Avoid using pepper or chili. You should drink lukewarm water.

You should drink plenty of water. Water improves our metabolic system. We can get oxygen form the water. Water contains salt which gives consciousness to our body parts.

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