Saturn and Mercury Makes Beautiful Skins

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If you make your Saturn and mercury stronger, you can get beautiful skin. Here is some astrology remedy to get beautiful skin.

Saturn and Mercury Makes Beautiful Skins

Saturn and Mercury Makes Beautiful Skins
You may have dryness and itch in the skin in winter. This happens due to combination of Saturn-Mercury. Your nail also becomes brutal. Your neck would be heavy. Stomach become heavy and it does not look good. If your face becomes heavy and hair fall occurs then it indicates that Saturn-Mercury affects you.

In this case, you can eat medohar google. You can also eat Amla, green and leafy vegetables. You should wear copper. You can also do Pranayama. You should practice for speaking. You should include protein in your diet. You should take walk.

You can eat Brungraj. You can eat Triphla if your face is very dull. You can keep 5 teaspoon Triphla in water for 1 day. If you have spots and itch on your face then you can wash your face with Triphla.

If Saturn Mountain is downward and heart line stops at Saturn Mountain then you will face skin problem. In this case, you can apply almond milk on your face. Grind the mint leafs and apply on your face for 30 minutes.

Take red sandal and crush in rose water or milk. Apply this mixture on your face for 1 hour. It removes spots from your face. You can should do mediation and drink plenty of water for good skin. You can eat less.

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