Milk and Astrology Connection - How Milk Improves Your Planets

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Milk is used in many ways. Milk is rich in protein. Milk is the primary source of calcium. Cow’s milk has 87.35% water and 3.75% fat. Buffalo’s milk contains 80.9% water and 7.9% fat. Goat’s milk contains 86% water and 4.6% fat.

Milk and Astrology Connection - How Milk Improves Your Planets

Milk and Astrology Connection
You must have to drink milk from healthy animal. Healthy cow’s milk is like nectar. Avoid drinking cold milk. Always drink lukewarm milk. Never add sugar in milk as it removes calcium from it.

People whose digestion system is weak they should intake curd, buttermilk and mattha. Milk has carbohydrates, protein and calcium. Weight increase if you intake mango juice along with milk.

Milk contains minerals, vitamins, lactose sugar and protein. Never use salt along with milk. You may have skin diseases.

People having weak Venus should avoid drinking milk at night. People having weak Mars and Moon should avoid drinking milk on Monday. You can donate milk on those days.

If there is conflict between husband-wife then keep milk in glass bottle and hide it in hidden place on Tuesday.

Many people face problem after drinking milk. In this case, you can tomato juice or soybean juice. It gives you energy and power.

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