How to Kick the Alcohol Habit Naturally - Astrology Upay

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One must have to avoid intake of alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes. It is not good for the health. Take green or blue bottle and fill it with water. Keep this bottle in sunlight for 7 days. Keep this bottle on wood. Drink 2 teaspoon water every day.

How to kick the alcohol habit naturally - Astrology Upay

kick the alcohol habit naturally
You can do Ashthgandh tilak on your forehead. You must have to see it in mirror. Ashthgandh includes agar, Tagar, red sandal, white sandal, kastoori, saffron, camphor and gorochan.

Keep seeds of ratti or gunja under your pillow while sleeping. Drink 1 teaspoon of Saunth mixed with lemon water after drinking alcohol. You can also intake orange with empty stomach in the morning.

If there are such lines under the little finger or near the thumb then you have to remain careful. You may have serious disease. If your nails become purple then you have to change your routine.

Muradabadi Dal: Take green pulse, lemon, butter, ghee, asafetida, whole red pepper and cumin powder. Boil it for 8-10 minutes adding water and salt. Mix the dal properly. You can also add bay leaf in it. Add lemon juice and cumin power and mix it properly. Its taste will increase if you prepare it in vessel or pottery. Add butter and fried cumin on it.

Sandwich: Take brown bread, butter, jelly or jam, green chutney and salty. Take 4 slice of brown bread and cook it in normal way. Apply butter on soft part and keep bread on it. Put green chutney on this slice. Again put bread on it and keep jelly or jam on it.

Noodles: You must have to prepare noodles from rice. You can keep corn or millet’s noodles. Fry them in ghee. Take green pea in boil it in water. Add cumin, salt, chili, asafetida and turmeric in it. Once it is prepare keep it in plate. Put green pea, tomato, coriander or mint on it.

Burger: Take brown bread, potato, boil corn and boil soybeans. You can add salt, imli’s chutney, coriander or mint chutney on it.

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