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Check out which are important year of your life, what to do on this year and what should we do to make it perfect year of life. Janiye aapka bhagyoday kab hoga.

Find Important Year of Your Life - Astro Upay

Find Important Year of Your Life
You should be careful between the age of 36-48 if you find change in your eyes, joints, lungs and cough. If you find problems in eyes during the age of 36. In this case, let the lady listen Hanuman Chalisa. Donate stuffs relating to Sun. You can also fulfill responsibilities of Sun.

If Venus is weak then you will face problem in marital lie. It increases doubts. You won’t be able to give time to your partner and as a result conflict increases. There might be affection towards someone. You might become physically weak. You won’t give love and respect from your children. You will spend more time towards your friends.

It increases negative thinking. It affects your veins. It affects your fame-respect, spinal cord, cough and maternal relations. It also affects your speech, partnership and friendship. It gives impact on your share and business. If affects your sleep. Your head and eyes become heavy.

You can keep first rain water in your home. Avoid intake of alcohol. You can wear copper coin in throat on Tuesday.

People who has 32 teeth they should avoid speaking bad for others. Do not give advice to others unnecessarily. Do good work and never afraid of anything. Do not do wrong work. Do not get angry as it strengthen the Rahu.

You can wear silver chain in throat on Monday. Donate milk on Monday. Flow mercury in running water once in a month on Saturday. You can donate goat.

You can serve dog at your home. Do not continue friendship with bad friends. Donate muli on any day. Do not make food under stairs.

Never use abuse words. Chant Mahamrutanajay mantra. Avoid wearing black and blue clothes.

1) Aries: Wear silver chain in throat. Donate milk on Monday. 

2) Taurus: Flow mercury in running water once in a month on Saturday. Serve girls/women. 

3) Gemini: Flow coconut in water. Donate goat. 

4) Cancer: Serve dog at your home. Help your sibling. 

5) Leo: You should do breathing exercise. Keep camphor along with you and smell it. 

6) Virgo: You should worship Sun and do Gayatri yagna. Give some gifts to your father. 

7) Libra: Plant peeple tree. Donate blood. 

8) Scorpio: Donate blankets on Saturday. Donate jaggery to workers. 

9) Sagittarius: Flow mercury and coconut in water on Saturday. Avoid using bad words. 

10) Capricorn: Serve your sister and small girls. Maintain your relations with in laws. 

11) Aquarius: Chant Sundarkand once in a month on Tuesday. Try to stay under the vicinity of dainty or an idol. 

12) Pisces: Do Gayatri Yagna and Adityahriday Strot.

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