Do you have problem in Speaking? Here is Astrology Upay

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Many times people speak loudly due to their habit. This happens because of short Sun line. A person does not understand others. Also, a person may have bile problem. If there are such lines between the first finger and thumb then person have arrogance.

Do you have problem in Speaking? Here is Astrology Upay

problem in Speaking
A person having weak mercury or if he has such lines or spots on the mountain of Mercury then he will take time to speak. He cannot roll out his tongue. You can take medical advice in this case. A person would have anxiety if his Mercury or Venus is weak.

On the above cases, you should listen others very carefully. You can intake mattha. It makes your voice clear and sweet. Always try to speak directly. Do not use slang while speaking.

Take green coriander and grind it and add water in it. Filter this mixture and do gargling. This will help children to speak clearly.

A person who does not pronunciation well they should practice on the words. It increases the clarity in their voice. You can do Anulom-Vilom. Intake thyme and sugar in every half an hour for few days.

The speech problem which is occurring due to Mars is very dangerous. A person speak lie. It is always try to conflict with others. A person has arrogance.

They cannot get stability and faces ups-downs in his life. He cannot get happiness from his marital life. They face major accident during their life. They cannot get good children and happiness from their siblings. They do not take care of their worship place, home and an idol.

Their voice becomes loud and unclear. In this case, you should do Rudrakabhshik once in a week. Avoid criticizing and telling lie to others.

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