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Coriander’s botanical name is Coriandrum sativum. It has been using for 5000 years. Coriander is rich in iron. Its regular use easily cure anemia.

Coriander Health Benefits - Astro Upay

Coriander Health Benefits
It contains minerals, vitamin A which strengthens the body. It also prevents from the cancer. Insulin level remains control due to regular use of coriander.

Coriander is very beneficial in nose bleeding. Take 20 gram coriander leaves mix little camphor in it. Put 2 drops of juice in nose every day. It easily cures nose bleeding.

Irritation, hear burn and headache removes due to coriander. You can intake one teaspoon mixture of saunf, mishri and coriander after having your meal.

Coriander is used in Middle Asia, India, South Asia, Latin America, China, South Africa, Southeast Asia, France and Scandinavia countries.

Coriander has protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrates and minerals. Green coriander leaves have calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin, potassium and vitamin C.

Coriander makes sauces healthy. It also increases your appetite. Tie up coriander power in one cloth. Add black pepper, rock salt and lemon in it. Drink this mixture slowly.

Coriander reduces cold-cough. You can drink coriander juice. It also controls bronchitis and asthma. Coriander is rich in vitamin A. It is very useful for our eyes. It reduces dark circles under the eyes.

Coriander juice can be used to do gargling. It is very beneficial in throat infection and mouth sores. Grind the coriander and boil it in water. Put this mixture in your eyes. You have to take medical advice before doing this remedy.

Intake of coriander powder mixing mishri is very fruitful in stomach problem. Pregnant woman can drink this mixture when they get vomiting.

You can eat coriander chutney without adding salt-pepper for 4 months. It is beneficial in thyroid.

Boil coriander leaves in water. Filter it and make it cold. Drink this juice every day. It controls your cholesterol level. It is also beneficial in menstrual.

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