Astrology Upay to Remove Poverty and Become Rich

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Poorness comes due to weak Mars, Saturn and Rahu. Check out Astrology Upay to remove Poverty. Mars gives you richness and then it ruins everything. You may be cheated from your siblings. Venus gives poorness due to woman.Amir banne ke jyotish upay.

Astrology Upay to Remove Poverty

Astrology Upay to Remove Poverty
Weak Moon does not give you happiness. You cannot become rich due to weak Moon. Saturn and Mercury always keep you in debt. You get loss due to weak Mars.

You will lose your money in share market, alcohol, gambling and business due to Saturn. Mercury gives poorness due to children’s marriage. You won’t get happiness until Pitrudosh is removed.

You can come to know about debt of relative due to conjunction of Mercury-Ketu. You will get money and respect at the age of 21-22 but when you cross the age of 36 you will lose everything. You may become poor due to brutality. They cannot get happiness from their children.

If your Mercury line is stops or there are spots on Mars-Moon Mountain then you may become poor. If such line goes towards Venus Mountain then you may become poor. If Sun lines go downward then you may become poor.

You should worship Shri at your home. You can keep the combined image of Lakshmi, Vishnu and Sarswati. Goddess Lakshmi should be on Garuda along with lord Vishnu. You should worship goddess Lakshmi on Rohini constellation. Do not worship goddess Lakshmi sitting on owl.

Always remain happy. Always keep your home clean. You should light a lamp in the evening. Do not do Lakshmi Poojan on Chaturthi, Navmi and Chaturdashi. Do not borrow money as well.

Keep image of goddess Shodashi and worship her with rose or lotus flower. Offer water to the Sun every day. Stay under the vicinity of an idol.

Keep Sindoor and honey in pottery at worship place. Always donate some money. Keep basil plant at your home. Keep stable thing on west side at your home. Do not keep any tree which is 25 feet.

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