Astrology Remedy to get out of Imaginary World

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How to get out of imaginary world? Illusion? Here is astrology remedy to get out of imaginary world.

Astrology Remedy to get out of Imaginary World

Astrology Remedy to get out of Imaginary World
One should take control on his mind. Many people think too much about their ambitions but they cannot achieve goals.

Moon and Ketu are responsible for the imagination. If main planet is weak then one does not have goal in his life. He’ll become ill and upset. One should do remedy if he feels confusion.

If mind line and life line is same then person won’t have ambition. They always criticize others. A person has talent but he has ego. If mind line going downward and has such lines then he appreciates only one person.

One can do saffron tilak on forehead to strengthen Moon-Ketu. It improves your intuition. You have to avoid bad friends. You can donate radishes.

If your mind is unstable and you cannot do what you think then you should wear iron ring in middle finger after sunset.

You can also wear necklace which is mixture of copper and gold in your throat. Wear gold ring in left hand’s any finger.

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