Astrology Remedy for Strong Mercury

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You won’t get success in your business when Mercury is weak. You cannot get stability in your business. Their money remains in trouble and they get debt. You get money however you do not save it.

Astrology Remedy for Strong Mercury

Astrology Remedy for Strong Mercury
On above case, take pottery urn and flow it in running water for 11 Wednesday. You can also gift silver to your wife, aunt or daughter. You should make hole on their nose. Worship goddess Durga.

If Mercury is weak then man-woman’s fertility decrease. They do not get child easily. If they get child then he won’t be clever. He would be weak in languages.

Your teeth become weak when Mercury is weak. You should clean your teeth with alum. Do no intake alcohol, meat and whole green chili.

If Mercury is weak then they get cut on their tongue or throat. They get whiteness on their tongue. Their speech wouldn’t be clear. They cannot speak easily. They cannot get happiness from their aunt. In this case, you should serve girls who are unmarried. You can do Chyaadan. Flow copper coin in running water on every Wednesday. You can intake Brahmi. You can intake mattha. Do not keep birds in cage.

Weak Mercury creates loneliness. Their relatives, neighbors and friends remain away from them. Weak Mercury make person shrewish. Their expectation increase from others. In this case, you should feed ants, birds and fishes. You should take walk near river shore. You can take interest in spirituality.

Feed goat on Wednesday. Keep control on your mind. Keep most of the time mum. Serve black cow. Give respect to the elder woman. Keep rain water on your terrace. Keep changing your place. Take part in social and spiritual work.

You may have gas problem in stomach due to weak Mercury. In this case you can eat pomegranate. You have pain in muscles. Skin become dry and itches. You get pain in chest. You should take medical advice. Hide sugar in pottery at wild place. Hide honey in pottery at wild place. Keep milk on your terrace. Hide red lentil in cemetery for 11 Tuesday.

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