Astrology Remedy for Inflammation Problem

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Inflammation occurs due to our food habits. However, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus are responsible for the arthritis. Arthritis affects bones, muscles and tissues in the body. Arthritis affects brain and heart. It is very difficult to cure if it reaches to the extreme level.

Astrology Remedy for Inflammation Problem

Inflammation Problem
You may have joint pain and your body becomes stiff. Joint doesn’t work properly as uric acid occurs in it. Bones and hands-legs become weak.

If you have such lines below the thumb or near the thumb then you will have inflammation problem. If you have such lines under the little finger then you will have uric acid problem.

If such lines cut the life line then you should intake less milk and milk products. You can intake buttermilk. Do now work till late night.

Take 400 gram sesame oil and 10 gram camphor. Fill this mixture in white bottle and keep in sunlight for 3 days. Apply this oil wherever you have joint pain.

Take orange juice and mix cord liver oil in it. Drink it before bed time. The juice should be fresh and do not add ice in it. Drink this juice before 3 hours of dinner.

Mix Garlic, rock salt, asafetida and black pepper. Take oil out of it and drink half or one teaspoon along with water.

If you pain in fingers then take half teaspoon of Saunth, marich and peepli along with lukewarm water every day. It heals the joint pain. You can also intake one teaspoon powder of castor root. You can do massage with castor oil when you get joint pain is at initial stage.

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