Astrology Reason Why Your Child is Not Interested in Study

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Many times children do not study well. You should understand your children. If your child has below mind line in his palm then he has good mind. But if it is short then his mind would be weak. If it is broken then do not give pressure to them. You should try to develop their abilities towards art and sports.

Astrology Reason Why Your Child is Not Interested in Study

Interested in Study
If your children have above mind line then he will try to escape from the study. He will face problems in study. In this case, you should take some constructive measures. You can sit along with them.

If there are spots on the tips of the finger are white and weak then you should do hard work. You should drink plenty of water. Do not give them high protein diet. Give them fresh food. You can include capsicum in your diet. You can drink water in silver glass.

Every child should eat 5 almonds and berries. You can include spinach in your diet. It increases understanding power and concentration. Good daily routine, slow and sweet music, light food and good friendship make your mind very strong. Children should use less electronics. It less use makes them good students. It is necessary to get omega-3 fatty acid. You can intake almonds and dry fruits.

You should massage with oil every day. You can use cinnamon along with honey every day. Include one orange or Amla in your daily diet. Avoid using junk food.

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