Sun in Taurus from 15th May, 2015 - Check Effects on your Horoscope

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The source of energy Sun will enter in the Taurus sign at 10:36 AM on 15th May 2015. It will stay till 15th June. It gives good result for some sign and bad results for other sign. Since Sun and Venus have not good relation and as Sun is coming in taurus, which is friend rashi of venus, that will make conflict for others, good result for some people and bad result for some people.

Sun in Taurus from 15th May, 2015 - Check Effects on your Horoscope

Sun in Taurus
Aries: The Sun is on the second place and it is normal time for you. Problems will set to come for some people. A variety of hurdles will face in new business. Some domestic problems may occur. Some people will buy new luxurious thing.

Taurus: The time is good for you as Sun is in the first house. Work and business will increase and income will grow. Good work in the family is unlikely to be coming. Some people might complain of headaches. You have to maintain control on your speech.

Gemini: The work area would be good as the Sun in 12th place. You may get new friends. Pending work will be finished. Money/income will increase but expenses will also increase. Some people may complain about not sleeping.

Cancer: The time is good for you as Sun is in 11th place. You will have an opportunity to entertain with friends. The time is good for job occupation people. Household problem will solve. You will get benefits from the investments from the east. Employment will also increase.

Leo: The Sun is very good for you. Position, reputation will increase. Such activities would give you constraints. Due to Saturn’s Dhaya you go two steps forward and two steps back. You would think that everything is going very smoothly but at the last moment will come off without a hitch.

Virgo: The Sun will graze in your destiny. The interest in religion-karma will increase and destiny will strongly in favor. Those who apply for foreign travel they get success. Some health problem can occur. Many people will bond in the marriage.

Libra: The Sun will be in your eighth place. You will have to make silence while planning otherwise everything will be ruined. Lovers will be taken at this time otherwise there may be a secret relationship is exposed. People associated with stock investments should take care.

Scorpio: The Sun would be in your seventh place. It may create problem in your married life. Some people may have to change the place. You may get irritation due to Saturn’s effect. You should take care while driving else you may injure.

Sagittarius: The Sun will be in your sixth place which solve problem in job. You might get new job. The pending work will be finished. You will get less fruit even though you do hard work. You will spend more money on health issues of family. You have to intake good food for healthy life.

Capricorn: The time is normal as Sun is in your fifth place. You may face some problem in borrowing money. You have to take care while giving-borrowing money. Avoid apathy in relations. NGOs may get some good opportunities. Students may be struggling a bit this time.

Aquarius: The time is good for you as Sun is in your fourth place. Some people have to take care of their health. Blood pressure and diabetic patients should take care at this time. You may spend your money on maintenance of your vehicle or home. People working in partnership they may face some problems.

Pisces: You will get good benefit as Sun is in your third place. The pending work will be finished. You will get progress in employment and job. New relationships will also benefit. You will get appreciation to fulfill the commitment. This times those who would interview component they will likely to get success.

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