Personality Development Tips from Astro Upay

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Do you want to improve your Personality, want to impress others? Here is astrology upay for personality development. Check this tips on personality development and impress others.

Personality Development Tips from Astro Upay

Personality Development
You should try to live happy. If there is hole on mountain of Sun then your Sun is weak. You do not have enthusiasm. You do not have good personality and your eyes would be weak. In this case, you have to stand in front of the Sun and chant “Om”.

If you mountain of Moon is downward and it become thin then shining from your body will reduce slowly. You will lose your confidence and does not share your views.

You should drink plenty of water. You have to eat more fruits. It reduces the anger and increases the patient. It gives mental peace.

You should keep in touch with plants, leaf and children. You have to work hard. You have to remain active. You should plan your activity. You can sit under the tree.

You have to stay with animals. You have to feel, feed and love them. It reduces your stress. You have to make habit of reading. Do not intake alcohol. People who are alcoholic their eyes, lips and face are not attractive. You can do Anuloam-Vilom.

If thumb’s under part is downward and it is not outside then person would be unattractive. They get blackness. Their speech would be not sweet. They lose the shine from their face.

In this case, you should do “Ujjai Pranayama, Manduk Ashan”. You should meet or interact with people. You should remain active or develop yourself in any art.

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