Mantra for Early Marriage - Astro Upay

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Is your Marriage getting delayed? You still finding your partner for marriage? here is Astrology Remedy, Mantra which will help you to get married early as possible. Jaldi shaadi ke liye achuk upay,janiye estro upay se.

Mantra for Early Marriage - Astro Upay

Mantra for Early Marriage
If mountain of Jupiter is downward or if mind line is short or luck line is away from mind line then you may face problem to remain continue it. Many times they get marriage after the age of 35. However, if they get marry then they face problem with their children.

There should be one or one and half line on the left side of the palm. It is necessary to maintain the relationship.

If there is line between heart line and finger of Mercury then you may get married at the age of 30-31. If it is near to the finger of Mercury then you will get marry after the age of 35.

If girl’s marriage is broken then she can do Kumbh Vivah or they can marry with peeple tree. If boy’s marriage is broken then he has to sit facing north side and light a ghee lamp. Chant “Om Gam Ganpataye Namah”. You can also chant Ganesh Chalisa or Ganesh Sahstranam. Distribute laddoo to poor children on every Wednesday.

Do not eat banana. You have to eat on the banana’s leaf. You have to pour water to banana tree. You can also flow coconut in running water on Saturday.

You have to take care wearing yellow sapphire. Girls should worship lord Sun. Do not eat spices. Do not keep small hair who does not get marry.

If your skin is rough then you should apply turmeric mix with coconut oil. You can also apply orange peel mix with milk. Do not wear red clothes.

Boys should chant “Patnim Manoramam Dehi Manovritanu Sarineem Tarineem Durg Sansar Sagarasya Kulodbhavaam”.

You can also do “Om Aam Angarkay Namah”. You can do “Om Stram Strim Strom Saha Ketve Namah”.

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