Identify Mood Swing Issue with Palmistry

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Many times people get depression due to several reasons. In this case, you should change your routine. Saturn and Moon are responsible for mood swing.

Identify Mood Swing Issue with Palmistry

Mood Swing
If your left part of the palm is flat and such lines come downward then it indicates that Saturn affects your moon. You can see on above figure. A person cannot feel happiness due to weak Moon.

If the Rahu’s part is downward and has hole then it creates problem. it increases struggle in your life.

If you have above line under the Ketu’s part then your Moon would be very weak. A person will create problem on his own. He cannot take interest in any work.

If you have above symptoms then you can wear Silver on your body. You can intake ashwgandha and mishri. You can also intake Vach.

You can wear root of ashwgandha in grey color threat on Thursday or Saturday. You should try to live with good and enthusiastic people. You can do Anuloam-Vilom. You can spend some time with children. You can take vicinity of an animals and plants.

You can include pineapple, grapes and Amla in your diet. You can include calcium supplements in your diet. You can do yoga nidra. Try to control on your gas and bile.

The diseases of the body relates with Aantarman. This disease can be removed by yoga and spiritual work. This can also be cured by yoga, meditation, idol, worship and love. You can cure poltergeist disease by talking.

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