How to Correct your Mistakes - Astro Upay

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Whenever Jupiter and Venus are weak you will face problem with children. If you have done mistake then you can say sorry to them. Do not keep ego. You can feed 100 cows in a year. You can make contribution to any child’s education. If you have cheated someone then you should help them. Donate some money to renovate broken religious place.

How to Correct your Mistakes - Astro Upay

Correct your Mistakes
You may not get child if you kill someone in your past birth. Also, you do not get child if you have exploit someone. If you have hurt or harass pregnant woman then also you do not get child. You do not get child if you harass an idol.

In this case, you can serve temple. You can plant peeple tree. Do not intake non-veg. You can worship goddess Durga or lord Shiva. You should give respect to idol and give food to them.

You can also do spiritual work which gives benefit to poor children. Do not do doubts or criticize someone. You should do Kanyadaan.

Many people hurt someone without any intention. In this case, you should help poor people. Anyone who comes to your home tries to give food and water to them.

You can establish food court or donate some money for food. Do not take bribe. Do not feed children with bribe money.

People who tell lies to someone and hurt their prestige they face many problem. Do not take free gifts. If you have taken anyone’s stuff illegal, you should return it to them. Feed 100 fishes on Saturday. You should feed crow for 43 days. You should feed 100 workers in a year. Everyone in the home should do brush with Babool’s wood. You should apologize to that person whom you have hurt.

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