Honey is Best Home Remedy

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Do you get hurt anywhere on your body? If is it bleeding you can use honey on it.Yes there are many more usage of Honey, check it out.

Honey is Best Home Remedy

Home Remedy is Honey
Honey gives more benefit if it is old. It should be pure. Iron increases in old honey. Honey and milk is complete diet. You can get 55 calorie from the 10 gm honey.

You can apply honey on wound and burning part. It heals quickly. You can drink honey and lemon in the morning to reduce the obesity.

You can apply honey on children’s gum so that tooth comes easily. Pregnant woman should intake honey. She can get healthy child.

If you have such lines on the fingers or you have cross under the little finger then you may have throat problem. In this case, you can drink lukewarm water with honey.

You can donate honey to pacify Mars and Jupiter. Honey may become poison. Do not bake or heat the honey.

Do not intake honey along with meat and alcohol. Do not intake honey with tea-coffee. Never add sugar into honey.

Do not intake honey with ghee, oil and butter. It becomes poison. You should intake only one teaspoon honey in a day.

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