Astrology Upay for Family Conflicts - Problems

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Is there are any problem in your family? Is any conflicts between family memebrs? here is astrology upay for problems. Apne parivar ko ladai jhagde or kalah se bachaye in jyotish upay se :).

Astrology Upay for Family Conflicts - Problems

Astrology Upay for Family Conflicts
There are several reasons of conflicts between husband-wife. Due to mangal dosh there would be logic in the home. People who have bile or gout problem they always try to find problems in others. In this case, husband-wife can donate green gram or split red gram.

People who have mangal dosh in their horoscope they can flow jaggery in running water on Sunday. People who get bed smell from their body they should do some remedy for it. In this case, you can avoid juicy and oily food. You can apply sandal powder on your body.

Take wheat, corn, green gram and split red gram flour in equal amount. Feed this mixture to ants. Husband-wife can gift silver coin and rice to each other on their birthday.

If there is gap between life lines or if little finger is lowering then you will face problem in your marital life. If you have such lines below the little finger then you may face problems in your married life.

You should spend time together in the evening and talk personally. If you have mangal dosh then do not keep door on south side. You can keep yellow color flag or cloth on your door. Do not keep your bed room on northeast side. Keep your bedroom on south or west side.

If you find plants in your home’s wall then you should remove them. It will reduce the happiness from your family. However, you can plant them somewhere.

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