Astrology Upay for Before Marriage Problems

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Many people prefer to do marriage on Akshay Trityah. You should do such remedy before 15 days of marriage. So you won’t face any problem after marriage. Shaadi hone se pehle ki pareshani ko durr kare jyotish upay se.

Astrology Upay for Before Marriage Problems

Before Marriage Problems
When boy or girl is affected by Sun, Mars, Saturn or Rahu or Boy’s Venus is affected then they cannot live happy marital life.

Keep milk, curd, sugar or basil in one pot. Change it frequently when it becomes bad. Do this remedy for 15 days. You can do tilak of turmeric-saffron on forehead.

Write the name of your life partner on chapatti with onion juice at night and feed it to cow in the next morning. Avoid smoking, alcohol and non-veg.

Do not wear black color clothes. Offer water to the Sun in the morning and Moon at night. Chant “Om Hrim” mantra every night for 10 minutes by memorizing your life partner.

You should do Aarti with google every morning-evening for your dainty. Parents should keep white flower with them for 15 days. You have to worship Dholak and play them before 15 days.

Do not buy anything during Rahukal. Boy whose Venus is weak they face many problems. Boy-girl whose marriage is decided after long time they should avoid eating salt for 3 days. They can do tilak with turmeric. They can also wear turmeric tying up in yellow thread.

Chant “Om Narayan Namo Namah” in the morning. Offer coconut to lord Vishnu. Break the coconut and sprinkle the water in the home.

Memorize your life partner’s name at night and peel off 2 cloves from your life partner’s photo. Keep that in any plant.

Donate sugar, honey and jaggery for 15 days. Wash the rice and flow it running water on Tuesday and Sunday.

Take strong small piece of silver from your mother or maternal uncle. Keep 5 stones in pottery and hide them at any hidden place. You can also take oath to donate red stone after marriage.

You can also do Kumbh Marriage. Every family member can flow piece of silver in running water on full moon day or new moon day. You should light a lamp in the evening. You can sit in front of the Sun and chant “Adityahriday Strot”. Flow Revadi in the running water.

If you face problem from Ketu then you can hide glass piece in land. If boy’s marriage is broken then they should donate milk, copper or brass to the girls on Friday.

If marriage is occur after too much problem then you should chant Chandika Strot. You have to do Sundarkand on Tuesday and Saturday.

Keep 8 dray dates, ratti, iron stuff and root of papaya tree tying up in yellow cloth under your head. After marriage girl’s parent or brother can hide it anywhere.

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